The Journal of Pan African Studies


Please be informed of the new issue of The Journal of Pan African Studiesfeaturing 295 pages of content. Thus, a comperhensive collection of insight
and opinion on: recent ancestors (Donna Marcia Wells, Imari AbubakarObadele, Tommy Jacquette-Halifu, Ralston Milton “Rex” Nettleford); a paper on African centered leadership-followership devised in 2000 at the Kwame Ture Leadership Institute; African Cosmology and the Duality of Western Hegemony; speeches by President Barack Obama, H.E. Professor John Evans Atta Mills, and His Excellency Mr. Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma; Africom; corruption in Africa South of the Sahara; South Africa; Religious StudiesScholarship in Nigeria; the policies and practices of political authoritarianism and state terrorism in Ethiopia; a case study concerned with the issue of a lack of trust in public institutions in rural health facilities in Kenya; a critical review of the 2009 science fiction film Avatar set in the year 2154;

two book reviews; a list of books received for review; a paper that identifies the indispensable role the women play in the society in an attempt to address inequality in African society; a qualitative analysis of some phonological processes involving vowels in Nambya; a look at the African perspective on U.S. race relations in the 1960s through the lens of Jeune Afrique; a paper that questions the purpose of human life as it is traditionally viewed by the Shona of Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and a host of announcements that span the globe.

I hope you will enjoy this issue, and continue to read The Journal of Pan African Studies, the only African centered open-access scholarly publication on-line.

Itibari M. Zulu, Th.D.
Senior Editor, The Journal of Pan African Studies;
Vice President, The African Diaspora Foundation;
Facilitator, The Bennu Institute of Arizona