Message from the chairperson of the board
From left, Deirdre Prins-Solani, Dr.Henry Mutoro, Dr.Solange Makamo, Dr.Idle Omar Farah, Dr.George Abungu(external facilitator), Victoire Adegbidi, Mr.Jalal Balala, Dr.Webber Ndoro and Catherine Antomarchi. In absence; Lazare Eloundou (WHC) and Alain Godonou UNESCO

The revitalization of CHDA’s website is an exciting development in the overall re-visioning of the Institution. As a Board we are pleased to see the steps taken in realizing the vision and dreams of its founder members and ourselves. We are particularly pleased in seeing a special focus on youth. This initiative will ensure that our Heritage remains in safe hands as we engage in debates and discussions with youth around their issues and concerns and have them find a place for themselves in the heritage sector or simply as powerful heritage activists.

We trust that through the website greater understanding and appreciation of the work done by CHDA will be created. We also wish to use it to facilitate conversations about training needs within the African continent and catalyse debates, discussions and research efforts in the field of heritage and development.

Enjoy and Karibuni!

Dr Idle Farah
Board Chairperson

Director’s Message

Welcome to the new CHDA website.

We are excited that it has finally ARRIVED.
It is strictly a work in progress and we welcome feedback from you in terms of the content and the format.
It needs to work for you as the reader.

The website is designed to inform, create a platform for debate and discussion and to create a network for the identification and development of best practice in the management of heritage resources on the continent.

The facilities such as listening in to our joint radio programming with Channel Africa, the blogs are aimed at ensuring there is dialogue and refreshing new insights, please use them.