Since its inception CHDA has had many activities that it initiated and took part in. in order to meet its goal as A CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE IN HERITAGE DEVELOPMENT ON THE AFRICAN CONTINENT CHDA made efforts to participate in the process of preservation, conservation and management of African Heritage.

Various activities have taken part with the help of CHDA. These include;

  • Training in Conservation of Movable Heritage
  • Training in Public Programming and Education.
  • Training in the development of nomination dossiers for World Heritage List.
  • Training in Heritage Impact Assessment.
  • Training in Exhibitions Design.
  • Training in Collections Management & Storage.
  • Training in Stakeholder participation.
  • Research and publications.

Other activities that have been conducted by CHDA include:

  • Experience, Expertise and Resources developed through its co-ordination and delivery of the Africa 2009 3 month course with focus on design and development of Conservation Management Plans
  • Draft curriculum designed, implemented and evaluated at the Lesotho Course of 2008 on behalf of the African World Heritage Fund
  • Experience, Expertise and Infrastructure to design and implement training in-situ
  • Culture of multiple-partnerships & international expertise in its programs.